• Modern Therapy Centre <span>SENSORIUM</span>

    Modern Therapy Centre SENSORIUM

    is located in Warsaw, Poland. We specialise in treating ADD, autism, Asperger Syndrome and what is often generally called "school problems". To help children struggling with these problems, our practitioners and therapists apply the most adanced approaches and methods.

Tomatis Method

Learning and communicating are processes that can seem easy as they are natural for most of us. But for one in ten people, it's a daily battle. The ability to properly process sensory information is compromised. It is said in this case, that listening is disrupted.

When communication between the ear and the brain is blurred, our ability to interact with the outside world is compromised. The result is often a loss of self-confidence that will enhance in turn the difficulties of communication and learning.


dziecko metoda tomatisa




Modern Therapy Centre SENSORIUM

is the place where children and adults are taken care of with attention and approached holistically. Life is often overwhelming and challenging. For many of us there are times that these challenges lead to isolation, anxiety, depression and other problems. This is why our team uses many modern methods and therapeutic approaches to fully solve them.

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